Lloyd's Corp.®Smart Home.

Imagine coming home to a pleasant scent, the proper lighting, and a cozy atmosphere.
All this and more becomes possible with Lloyd’s.
Welcome to the difference between a house and a smart home, Offering a wide range of products focused on optimizing, modernizing and simplifying people’s daily lives with Lloyd’s.
Connect with your home.

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The best lighting for your spaces.

Light up your space with Lloyd’s LED lights and spotlights, setting the vibe for any moment. Customize the color, brightness, and intensity to make every room feel just right.

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A pleasant stay.

Automate all your activities with our products.
Simplify your lifestyle and make it more comfortable with Smart solutions for your entire home.

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Simplify and Secure Your Home Entry.

Experience effortless and safe access to your home with our smart locks.
Say goodbye to complications with keyless entry via smartphone, keypad, or voice commands.

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Keep an eye on what matters, anytime, anywhere.

Equip yourself with an IP security camera to have real-time visual access to your home. Never miss a moment and stay connected to your house through your smartphone.

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Save energy.

Control the performance of your smart devices. Set on/off schedules for lights and other electrical appliances to save energy.